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Barrans is the IT Development company that already quite experienced in build an applications that are information system-based and view centric applications, since 2013 barrans was a small team that contain some expert developers and IT consultants that usually work in IT project development. In 2015,

Barrans formally established, since It established, Barrans is develop rapidly and project that we handled become more and more. Barrans have two solution bases to help clients company become more productive and efficient, that are provide IT services and IT products.


our service

We offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better.

  • Software
  • Web & App
  • Video
  • Mobile App
  • Programmer
  • Programmer
  • Service &
    Data Center
  • SMS
  • IT Consulting &
    Maintenance Service

why choose us

The reasons why you should choose our company

  • We have a dedicated team
  • Respect of the client needs, culture, identity and objectives
  • We always focus on the innovation
  • We have a lot of Creative and innovative solutions

We give a solutions for your web or apps development needs, we always give a best service for our clients, with affordable price, fast-respond communication, and make sure the result is good and also meet the deadline.


our works

All projects go through creativly
golden strategy process

what people said

“ Zahira's best partner, a trusted IT company. Able to solve any project problems.”

M. Khairul Azami

CEO Zahira

“ I am very happy to have the opportunity to work at PT. Barrans which has given me more than 3 years of trust, I feel there is a good togetherness between employees and the CEO while still prioritizing professionalism. May PT Barrans always glory glory glory..”

Mas Roy

IT Developer

“ Barrans, not just a place for you to make a living. Here, you learn about sincerity, patience and struggle. everyone embraces and cares for each other like family. a very valuable place for you to learn many things not only about IT but also about being a loyal, responsible, and mature person. every decision you make here is a challenge. for a career especially as a new graduate is very interesting to consider, LET'S JOIN US.”

M. Miki Maulana

Business Analyst

Our Clients

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